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B2B Connections!

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Scheduled for Tuesday, January 17, 2023 at 1PM EST.

If you own a business and you market to other businesses, this is the perfect event for you. If you've experienced our events in the past, you are aware how we use out-of-the-box ideas in our events to promote camaraderie and a really productive atmosphere where people can connect, do business together, and refer each other out. Our regular schedule is on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.

This is a FREE and VIRTUAL event, open to ALL BUSINESSES.  

LinkedIn LIVE!!

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Scheduled for Friday, November 18, 2022 at 1PM EST.

Discover new ways for you to get business through our innovative proprietary tool. Priced much lower that other digital marketing services, our product is a real game changer. I will show you how we redefined the digital card space. We'll demonstrate how YOU can become absolutely memorable, skyrocket your digital profile, and follow up like a beast for more sales!!

This is a FREE and VIRTUAL event, open to ALL BUSINESSES.  

Top 5 Keys (to a Successful Business)!

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Scheduled for Wednesday, September 28, 2022 at 1PM EST.

INAUGURAL EVENT: We are so excited to be bringing a new webinar series series to all of our clients and their colleagues. This webinar will include 5 business experts, each getting ten minutes to talk about their respective expertise. Each key is an essential ingredient for a successful business formula. Webinars will focus on marketing, sales, financial, mental and physical health, and business development. After this event our regular schedule will be on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month.

This is a FREE and VIRTUAL event, open to ALL BUSINESSES.  

No public events at this time. Please check back soon.

Club 21000 Collaboration Forum

(Please help us share this event. Tell colleagues to text the word FORUM to 321.421.5213.)

Scheduled for Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 4PM EST, this event is co-chaired by Chris Michel (Text COACHCHRIS to 321.421.5213) and Gabe O'Neill, "The Godfather" (Text GABE to 321.421.5213).

Come to learn, come to participate, come to grow. This virtual forum will include as many as 3 breakout rooms, with two speakers per room, led by our own subject matter experts (SME's) at "Club 21000". They will speak for a few minutes about their topic to engender a discussion that will help you grow in some way. You may also participate by sharing your knowledge to benefit others. You may move from room to room as you choose.

This event is like nothing you've ever experienced (unless you attended a prior event). Everything about this forum is to help you grow your business.

Don't miss this unique opportunity. Register EARLY as there are a maximum of 100 participants. This is a FREE event, open to ALL BUSINESSES.  

Chris Michel (Co-Chair) -- Text COACHCHRIS to 321.421.5213
Topic: Goal Setting

Do you know why people are not buying from you? Chris has been contributing to sales teams success for over 30 years and will share how to start changing the way you interact with your customers so you can overcome objections.

Soozy Miller -- Text CAREERS to 321.421.5213
Topic: DISC Principles

Increase sales, improve hiring & enhance your leadership skills using DISC principles. Let's talk about people! Understand your target audience, hire better help, and enhance your leadership using DISC methodology.

Donna Sylvester -- Text GRATITUDE to 321.421.5213
Topic: Building a Powerful Referral Network

Donna is a relationship marketing strategist helping businesses design and execute powerful lead generation processes. Donna published a book in 2019: Deal Your Own Cards: 10 Keys to Build a Winning Hand.

Craig Darling -- Text GMB to 321.421.5213
Topic: Topic: Google Business Profiles

Member of Chevrolet’s Hall of Fame, DCA/SCCA Men’s Rookie of the Year 1997. Internet marketing since 1993, Amazon Best Selling contributing author, Co-Founder of GMB Fuel, AdZoo Founder and CEO of Darling Companies, LLC.

Patrick Johnson -- Text BANK to 321.421.5213
Topic: Legal Ownership of Money

Infinite Banking, or Financial Freedom as we like to call it, is a concept sought out by individuals of all demographics. It is a commonly practiced strategy that allows you to manage your finances without relying on traditional institutions.

Steven Greene -- Text SUCCESSDOC to 321.421.5213
Topic: The 5 Structures of Success

Dr Greene focuses on giving Success seekers tools to accelerate their journey on the road to success. He’s helped them to write books, and to create online courses, to pass licensing exams, to start up podcasts, to better organize and use their time, and to make more money.


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Limited Access
Digital Accelerant Card Owners Only

These are just some of the perks you get as a result of being a member of Club 21000. Exclusive access to a fantastic community of accomplished entrepreneurs will help you uncover new tools to make your business grow. You can share your value with them which will often turn into referrals. Extensive training will help you get the most benefit from your digital business card. Visit our store and get started NOW.

Mondays LIVE at 11

Mondays Live at 11

NEW in 2022! Each Monday at 11AM Eastern the "Godfather" himself, Gabe O'Neill, will go LIVE for up to one hour on ALL his streaming channels with one other digital card owner. They will discuss a topic of interest that is designed to help people grow their business. We will get to know the digital card owner a bit better so that others may connect with that person much easier.

Please subscribe/connect/follow any or all of the channels listed below to participate LIVE at 11 on Mondays. We will be excited to answer questions right then and there and interact with you. If you are a digital card owner, message Gabe for the exclusive link to sign up for a future interview.

Thursday Power Hour

Join us each Thursday at 4:00PM EST for some great discussions on how to best leverage your digital business card, how to solve a problem you are having in your business, or share a success you experienced that others may be able to relate to. Share-Empower-Uplift. The idea of these events are for digital card owners to get to know each other, to share tips on what has worked for them business wise, and to gather ideas from each other that will help us all grow our businesses. Each week a topic is introduced by one of our members that sets the tone for that meeting. This is an incredible community that is eager to help each other out and do business together. Note these events are open only to Digital Accelerant Digital Card owners.

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Club 21000 Affiliate Meeting

If you have signed up to be an affiliate, then please join us on Tuesday, November 9th at 2:00 PM EST. Get to meet other affiliates to discuss best strategies to make the most out of our affiliate program. Private only for current Digital Accelerant card owners.

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New Member Orientation Meeting

If you have had your card for a long time or are just getting started, this meeting will benefit you. We go over best practices and new ways of getting our card out there. Our next orientation is Friday, September 23 at 3PM EST. Exclusive event only for current Digital Accelerant card owners.

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Club 21000 Private Facebook Group

Join all other digital card owners in the lounge at the "Club 21000" private Facebook group. Here digital card owners can connect with each other, showcase their upcoming events, stay plugged in to what is new in the digital card world. Private only for current Digital Accelerant card owners.

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"Accelerant Collective" LinkedIn Group

Join all other digital card owners (and others) as we share tips and tricks to leverage more business. You won't see any spam in this group. If you openly share a tidbit from your knowledge base that can help someone, people will want to connect with you. This is the premise of the group.

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