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Club 21000 Collaboration Forum

(Please help us share this event. Tell colleagues to text the word COLLAB to 21000.)

Scheduled for Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 1PM EST, this event is co-chaired by Chris Michel (Text COACHCHRIS to 21000) and Gabe O'Neill, "The Godfather" (Text GABE to 21000).

Come to learn, come to participate, come to grow. This virtual forum will include as many as 10 breakout rooms led by our own subject matter experts (SME's) at "Club 21000". They will speak for a few minutes about their topic to engender a discussion that will help you grow in some way. You may also participate by sharing your knowledge to benefit others. You may move from room to room as you choose.

This event is like nothing you've ever experienced. Everything about this forum is to help you grow your business.

Don't miss this unique opportunity. Register EARLY as there are a maximum of 100 participants. This is a FREE event, open to ALL BUSINESSES.  

Gabe O'Neill (Co-Chair) -- Text GABE to 21000
Topic: Branding

Gabe is not only the founder of Digital Accelerant, he is also widely known as the Godfather of the digital business card. Gabe will discuss his branding strategies and help flush out branding ideas for selected room participants.

Chris Michel (Co-Chair) -- Text COACHCHRIS to 21000
Topic: Sales Strategies

Learning how I can contribute to your HVAC sales team. I am the HVAC quarterback with the playbook to get double digit margins within 90 days.

Machen Macdonald -- Text BIZDEV to 21000
Topic: 5x5 Business Transaction Process

Successfully guiding advisors & entrepreneurs to increase clarity, confidence, & capacity to get more IDEAL clients through high-impact action plans, better habits, processes, & daily routines.

Deborah Thorne -- Text DIVA to 21000
Topic: Client Acquisition and Appreciation

Author, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker l Collaboration and Leverage Opportunities for women speakers, authors and entrepreneurs

Dominick Wallace -- Text CAPITAL to 21000
Topic: Obtaining Funding without Debt or giving up Equity

Helping you grow your business and grow your community by positioning your business to obtain either grants, investments, partnerships or your ideal financing.

Toni Harris Taylor -- Text DRASTIC to 21000
Topic: 5 Networking Strategies to Get Drastic Results

Networking Queen, Speaker, Marketing Strategist Coach & Author - Helping Entrepreneurs & Sales Professionals Market themselves for D.R.A.S.T.I.C. Results!

Steve Sapato -- Text SPEAKER to 21000
Topic: Looking for Leads in All the Wrong Places

Speaking Coach. Struggling to close more business from every presentation? Want to close more business? What if I said its not you it's your presentation?

John Browning -- Text LIFE to 21000
Topic: LinkedIn Strategies

Best-selling author, speaker, financial & leadership expert showing individuals and businesses how to plan and invest in the new economy & Build a life, not just a portfolio.

Carolle Ryan -- Text LIBERTYNPR to 21000
Topic: Do you Have a Plan? Is it Right?

Our office provides accounting services such as monthly and quarterly bookkeeping and payroll services; tax services for individuals, corporations, partnerships and trusts; tax planning and audits.

Patti Plough -- Text ESOP to 21000
Topic: Business Planning Through ESOP's

Patti is an ESOP evangelist. Become a tax free entity giving you the edge over the competition. Attract and retain talent through the ESOP structure.

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Register for the Event
Digital Accelerant Card Owners Only

Thursday Power Hour

Join us each Thursday at 2:00PM EST for some great discussions on how to best leverage your digital business card, how to solve a problem you are having in your business, or share a success you experienced that others may be able to relate to. Share-Empower-Uplift. The idea of these events are for digital card owners to get to know each other, to share tips on what has worked for them business wise, and to gather ideas from each other that will help us all grow our businesses. Each week a topic is introduced by one of our members that sets the tone for that meeting. This is an incredible community that is eager to help each other out and do business together. Note these events are open only to Digital Accelerant Digital Card owners.

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Club 21000 Affiliate Meeting

If you have signed up to be an affiliate, then please join us on Tuesday, November 9th at 2:00 PM EST. Get to meet other affiliates to discuss best strategies to make the most out of our affiliate program. Private only for current Digital Accelerant card owners.

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New Member Orientation Meeting

If you have had your card for a long time or are just getting started, this meeting will benefit you. We go over best practices and new ways of getting our card out there. Our next orientation is Friday, January 28 at 2PM EST. Exclusive event only for current Digital Accelerant card owners.

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Club 21000 Private Facebook Group

Join all other digital card owners in the lounge at the "Club 21000" private Facebook group. Here digital card owners can connect with each other, showcase their upcoming events, stay plugged in to what is new in the digital card world. Private only for current Digital Accelerant card owners.

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