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Paper business cards are out. Digital business cards are in. Digital cards from Digital Accelerant are revolutionary. No other card on the market does all that we do. Every feature and service we have implemented to date was well thought out with one motivation: to get our clients more business.

These cards are individually customized extensions of your brand that carry hotlinks, audio and/or video with the purpose of making you and your company memorable wherever you go. It not only elevates your digital profile, but it is a lead generation tool as it captures the cell phone numbers of those who text your keyword.

And now since we released our new version you can be one of the few in the world that has our latest feature which we call "animated sequences" on your card. Custom messages that you dictate will greet your prospects the second they open your digital business card. To see examples, visit here, here and/or here.

Check out our demo below where the Godfather himself, Gabe O'Neill, takes you through many of the features of our digital business card and how they all can bring additional business to you. There is quite a lot of value packed into what we do, so plan on spending some time. By the end of the video, you should see enough value to know why so many people are getting our card vs any of the others.

Watch our Demo

Our Digital Business Cards:

  • Elevate Your Digital Profile
  • Never Run Out
  • Generate Business for You
  • Get You Noticed
  • Extend Your Brand

Our Digital Business Cards:

  • Shorten Your Sales Cycle
  • Help Generate More Referrals
  • Get Your Information Out There
  • Help you with Follow Up
  • Are Easy to Share

Our Digital Business Cards:

  • Come with a Community
  • Come with Coaching
  • Come with Support
  • Come with Events
  • Come with Marketing Tools

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