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Paper business cards are out. Digital business cards are in. Digital cards from Digital Accelerant are revolutionary. These cards are individually customized extensions of your brand that carry hotlinks, audio and/or video with the purpose of making you and your company memorable wherever you go. It not only elevates your digital profile, but it is a lead generation tool as it captures the cell phone numbers of those who text your keyword.

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Our Digital Business Cards:

  • Elevate Your Digital Profile
  • Never Run Out
  • Generate Business for You
  • Make You Memorable / Stand Out
  • Extend Your Brand

What is a Digital Business Card

The digital business cards are a "one stop shop" for your clients and potential customers to get any or all of the information you want them to have. It is your personal brand. These are actually single customized web pages that have your name, phone, email, social media links, website links and almost anything else you can imagine. We design each one from scratch with your help. They are easily shareable either by text or social media. They can be used as the sole link in your email signature, and/or a great way to get your name out at trade shows and networking events.

Why do I need a Digital Business Card

People have been passing out business cards at events for as long as there has been business. This is the new state of the art way to "leave a mark" on your prospective customers, and it does away with the uncertainty that your regular card will eventually get lost in the shuffle. Here are some real practical applications for it:

  • Trade Shows - When people go to a trade show they grab the first big bag they can find to fill it with as many "tchotchkes" as possible. When they come to your booth, you hand them a regular business card and they throw it in there with all the others. Contrast that with the ability for you to text them your digital card, and even for them to text a keyword to a short code (see Text Marketing) to get your card sent directly to their phone.

  • General Networking - Similar to a trade show, you might come home from a networking event with a pocket full of business cards. Most of us pile them on our desk until it gets too cluttered and then we just throw them away or stick them in a drawer. Even if you're not that person, many of your colleagues are, and that means your card has a good chance of getting ignored. However, if you have texted your card to them and they have pushed the download button, you and all of your info (including your picture) are now in their phone contacts!

  • Virtual Events - Many virtual events have upwards of 100 people in attendance. How do you stand out? By having a digital card from Digital Accelerant, of course. While everyone else is scrambling to be the first to pollute the Chat box with a paragraph of their information, all you simply need to relay is your keyword and the number 21000.

  • Everyday Use - How many of us bring our business cards everywhere we go? When was the last time you wished you had one as somehow in a natural conversation with a new person, the subject of your business came up? Well as long as you have your phone with you, you have access to your digital card.

  • In Your Marketing - Imagine being a business attorney and you have a billboard that says: "Text LAW to 21000." Or maybe you are a real estate agent who has the words "Text Homes to 21000" on all of your listing sign riders. (These are real clients with real working numbers.) When people complete that action they get your card delivered right back to their phone. This tells people that you stay up on the latest trends in technology so you must be doing the same throughout the rest of your business.

What a Digital Business Card Can Do For You

These cards look great on large screens AND phones as well. On devices with a mouse, if you hover over the buttons it will explain what each one does. These are mostly hotlinks to your website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages and/or whatever social media links you supplied us. You can even have a button to link directly to your Google reviews. Clicking on the phone link from a phone will activate the user's dialer with the correct number already prepopulated. Clicking the email link will start the user's email client and prepopulate all the relevant fields. The download button (far right) will download a file to the user's device that provides a mechanism to have your information imported directly into the user's contacts.

If there is a written link, phone or email address those are hot-linked as well. Physical addresses will activate the map application to help facilitate the user in discovering your location on a Google map.

Text Marketing with Your Digital Business Card

Text marketing has come a long way. This is possibly one of the simplest (and most impressive) ways to share your new digital card. And the cost is much lower than what you might expect. If you text the word Gabe to 21000 you will see how easy and effective it is. You will be delivered a link to my digital card along with a reminder of who I am and what I do.

Add audio to your Digital Business Card

Many networking meetings offer participants the opportunity to speak about their businesses for 60 seconds. Imagine having the ability to expand that to anyone who visits your digital card. You will have a captive audience for one minute in which you can point out your strengths and instruct them how to use their card through animation. (To see an example of one, click here.) We record YOUR script and lay down a professional music track underneath it to make you sound your best.

Add video to your Digital Business Card

There are several ways to add a video component to your digital card. If you already have a professionally produced video, we add it to your card for free. We can also produce 30 second, one, or two minute feature videos for you. We can even provide video backgrounds for your card. Call us for pricing.

Add video backgrounds to your Digital Business Card

In 2020 we came out with a game changing feature of having video backgrounds as an option on the cards. This creates an impression like no other. Check out this example and also this example. Call us for pricing.

Digital Business Card Corporate Sales

Want to elevate the digital profile of your entire company? Get all your sales people a digital business card. Since the branding for all of them will be similar, you will get a deep discount on the second card and any more that you might need. Here are some of the options you can get with your corporate cards:

  • Main Corporate Digital Card -- This is the generic card that has all the business information on it. This is the card that the text marketing keyword typically points to.

  • Individual Sales People Cards -- Each person will have their own link to their own card that has their name, phone and email on it. Text marketing packages can be combined for multiple users that make this option much more affordable.

  • Directory Page with All Card Links -- This page would have thumbnail pictures for all of your employees with links to their individual cards.

  • Lanyards and Badges -- Great for both trade shows and networking events, your card also hangs from your neck and has the text marketing keyword on it.

  • Acrylic Stand with QR Code -- At a trade show? Put one of these on your table so that passersby can simply hold their phone camera up to a QR code and it will automatically populate your text marketing keyword and number for them. Now all they have to do is click on it and press SEND.

  • Need More Stuff?? -- Tell me what it is you need and I will see how I can best support you. Don't forget we're software developers here so we can build you just about whatever you want.

Return on Investment From Your Digital Business Card

A digital business card from Digital Accelerant is an investment, not a cost. Because of its unique texting features, you are able to receive a steady stream of warm leads as long as you promote your card. Think of how many new clients it would take to offset the price of the card, and imagine how many of those new clients you can get in a full year.

Cost of a Digital Business Card

Before we look at cost we'd like to make it clear that the cost of digital cards cannot be compared to the cost of paper business cards. That's like comparing a plane to a car. They both provide transportation but their commonality ends there.

Digital business cards from Digital Accelerant make you MEMORABLE. That is the main goal of branding which is so critical in this era. If you have the texting option, all you need do is get your colleagues to remember your keyword and your number and your digital card will distribute itself.

Think of what you spend on Google ads, Facebook ads, direct mail and print ads. They all expire. Your digital card will still be active long after the ads have run and all you need do is keep up with the texting requirements once a year.

For pricing options, and/or to order one of your own, click HERE. If you have something specific to inquire about that you do not see on our price list, we'd love to discuss it with you. Contact us HERE.

Need More Info

Still have questions? No problem. Jump on my calendar and pick a time that is convenient for you. I'd love to chat with you about how we can solve your requirements and bring you more business with the help of a digital business card from Digital Accelerant. Reserve your spot HERE.

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