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Intro Videos

If you love branding, then you'll want to have a fresh and pleasing intro (also known as "logo") video. You can add it to the beginning of all your videos to create consistency and promote your brand. As people share your videos, they will see your brand first, front and center. I work with my clients to create something new, creative and pertinent to your message.

Outro Videos

Once they've watched your video you will want them to remember where it came from. Attach an "outro" to the end of your video to reinforce the brand and give them contact information and website location. No matter where your video ends up on the Internet, your viewers will always know where to find you.

Lower Thirds

A "lower third" is in reference to the lower third section of your video. This is the customary location for a name and additional relevant information to pop up at some point during the video. Not only does this add professionalism and style, but it always leaves a trail back to you even if your video is embedded in another location. Together we will work to find the best way to introduce your brand to the lower third.

Video Tips

Try to keep your videos under three minutes. One or two minute videos are the best, as experience has taught us that most people will not tolerate long videos. If producing the videos yourself, make sure there is adequate lighting, no harsh shadows, and that the sound is clear and understandable. Consider laying a music track underneath your work to add interest.

To see more examples, please visit our YouTube Channel.

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