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Are digital business cards worth it?

Absolutely. I think you know that most of the paper business cards you give out go right in the trash. At Digital Accelerant, our cards can save your personal info right to your prospect's phone. It cannot be overstated that when others see your card your digital profile will skyrocket in their eyes. You will stand out in front of your competition and be remembered.

What do you mean by "customized" digital business card?

Our staff will create a beautiful digital business card from the ground up for you. We ask for your head shot, logo and website colors, and will accept any other graphics you want to give us. We then will build you a custom digital business card that will showcase your brand in the best way possible. You will be so excited to share your card which will turn into more business for you.

Do I have a say in what the final card looks like?

You absolutely do. Once we create your card we send you a proof before we publish it. Usually if it is not approved right away, we make the one or two small tweaks that satisfy the change requests. In rare cases, the client can even take over full design of the card if they choose to.

Do digital business cards help get you business?

I can't speak for others but returning business is the sole purpose of why we build our cards here at Digital Accelerant. Total customization, cell phone number capture, your personal badge and lanyard, the ability to text people back and track your progress with them, animation and videos are all components that give these cards an extremely generous return on investment.

Tell me more about your community.

We invite our card owners to regularly scheduled events to both network and help each other grow. These are attended by entrepreneurs who often face the same obstacles and challenges. Our events help everyone navigate through these waters, and often our card owners do real business together.

Does your digital business card come with a QR code?

It absolutely does. The unique thing about the QR code we give you is it will set up the text necessary for them to get your card while at the same time you capture their name and cell phone number.

How do I get a digital business card on my phone?

At Digital Accelerant, we teach you to bookmark both your card and your QR code on your phone for easy distribution. Also, when people text your keyword, your card is automatically delivered to their phone. You in turn capture their cell phone number and have the option to text them back through our portal.

Do you have one of those cards that I "tap" on other people's phones?

There are several reasons why we at Digital Accelerant don't use this technology. 1) It doesn't always work. When that happens it puts you in an awkward situation and you don't want to be remembered for that. 2) When it does work, you don't receive their information. When people text our keyword we receive their name and cell phone number. 3) You and you alone have to be the one to deliver it. Ours can be delivered by anyone at any time. 4) You cannot use it in virtual meetings. Ours works both in person and in virtual meetings as well.

What makes your digital business card different from all the others?

At Digital Accelerant, we pride ourselves in the product we deliver. Ours is the only digital card that is totally customized from the ground up by our staff. We are the only company that provides animation in the unique style that is ours. We are the only company that provides a card that can be distributed with the utmost simplicity in person, in a virtual meeting, delivered by the owner or anyone else. Our follow up system is also unsurpassed. In addition, we provide unparalleled support, as well as access to our exclusive community. We continuously strive to build a better product that will return more business to our customers.

What are the steps to get started?

We start by selecting the package that is best for you. These are all laid out in our store. You can purchase your card directly from there if you like. If need help in choosing, Gabe is available to help you make sure you get what you need. Set up a time to meet with him here. Once the finances are handled, we send you a link to a form that has all that we need depending on the package you chose.

How long does it take to deliver the finished product?

We like to say 48-72 hours from the time we have all we need depending on a number of factors. If there is a delay it usually is when the customer fails to get us the materials a timely manner. Let us know in advance if you have an event coming up as we LOVE to see success right out of the gate.
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